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Want a quiz made by a real duelist? Want to become a good duelist with a deck you really like? Looking for a basis to . Multiple types, because only variation gets it right. I don't care, . How cheap/expensive would you like you deck to be ?

10 Budget/Fun Yu-Gi-Oh Deck Ideas for New September 2016 .

29 Aug 2016 . Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. . 10 Budget/Fun Yu-Gi-Oh Deck Ideas for New September 2016 Format!

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There are obviously a few possible answers to this question. . Firstly, to be clear, a "deck list" most commonly refers to a list of the unique . the OCG (lists which specify extra limitations on numbers of copies of certain cards that may be used).

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31 May 2017 . Getting tired of your favorite deck getting pummeled by the competition? . A Yugioh deck contains more than 40 cards. .. Buy him; leave the leash at home. .. Hope I answered your question, and thanks for the comment.

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I recently got back into the game and want to build a deck. . for real-time discussion of Yu-Gi-Oh! and other topics:

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Question RE budget decks; is it typical for decks to become budget after a .. It isn't strictly $40, just wanted some cool cheap deck ideas.

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I'm looking for a cheap (well, affordable) Madolche deck build for locals . discussion of Yu-Gi-Oh! and other topics:

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The subreddit for players of the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game, video games, or fans of . threads for basic questions and rulings queries, and check out /r/yugioh101 if . /r/YuGiOh Deckbuilding Help and Tech Discussion Thread - August 15, 2017 (self.yugioh) .. Looking to turn Traptrix into budget HAT for Link Format (self.yugioh).

How to Build a Yu Gi Oh! Deck That Suits You: 12 Steps

This guide should help you Yu Gi Oh! players to form the perfect deck for you someday. This article is written . List the cards that you need to improve your deck and make it your business to buy those cards. Watch the cards .. Ask a Question.

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For Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links on the Android, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Philosophy of . I see 20 cards being the 'standard' with most deck builds.

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Ever wondered which Yugioh character you're most like? I know . Which Yugioh boy are you most like? ;) . Question 5: You're in a Duel using Yuugi's deck.

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Forums: Index → General Yu-Gi-Oh! Discussion Please sign your comments with ~~~~. See. . View recent changes for this forum | View alphabetic list of topics . Aromage Deck Build · 11:17, December 13, 2016 · Vanguardvanguard.

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The most common form of Reversal Quiz OTK is a deck that wins through . Another idea is to use Convulsion of Nature, Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude, and.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! : Deck Discussions; Card Trading; Gossip; Anime Talk; Video Game . Deck Ideas, Fixes, etc. for "Advanced" format decks . TCG Q & A. For questions related to gameplay, mechanics & rulings of the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG.

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20 Feb 2017 . WCQ: European Championship 2017 - Frequently Asked Questions ... to look over their cards, build and sleeve their Main Deck (should.

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2 Feb 2009 . where can I buy . game and I just want to know what is the best deckyou can build? . Many people mistake Yu-Gi-Oh! For one of those "I'll load my deck . afterwards activate reversal quiz then select spell cards afterwards.

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29 Mar 2017 . YuGiOh TCG Article - Black and White: Deck Lists! for the Yu-Gi-Oh card game. . allows you to buy cards from any of our vendors, all at the . If you have questions about deck lists, card interactions, game.

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Also based on your score I've written some recomendations on what deck type should you use at that level. Feel free to . Note: It contains question from Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds and there are no questions of the show. .. Therefore it's a bad idea. 21.

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do you guys have any idea how to farm level 30 Seto Kaiba? been trying to use paradox brothers' gate guardian + unhappy girl but with no .

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1 Jul 2016 . Goat Format Deck Gallery . Question: Is there a way to avoid decking out with Empty Jar? . Any ideas on how to build a consistent Zombie deck that focuses on . /db/deck.asp?deck_id=7578.