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because of the poor interfacial adhesion between hydrophilic wood .

Jun 8, 2005 . bonded wood and stearic anhydride, and the hydrocarbon chain of stearic . MOR of the wood-PE-PMDI composites, stearic acid further.

Study on poly(lactic acid)/natural fibers composites

Apr 25, 2012 . pling agent and stearic acid to improve compatibility. To compare the . wood fiber and coconut fiber (CTF)-reinforced PLA. Particularly, as the.

evaluation of coupling mechanisms in wood plastic composites

The major components of wood plastic composites (WPCs) are wood polymers, . Zinc disassociates from the stearate groups leaving the free stearic acid.

Composites of poly(vinyl chloride) and wood fibers. Part II: Effect of .

coating by latex or by grafting with polymer/vinyl monomers, as well as with various additive dispersants (e.g., stearic acid or anhydrides) and coupling agents.

Influence of stearic acid treatment of filler particles on the structure .

Oct 27, 1999 . Abstract. In this study, ternary-phase polypropylene (PP) composites containing an ethylene–octene copolymer (EOR) and calcium carbonate.

Mechanical Properties of Surface-Modified Cellulose Fiber .

Dec 4, 1992 . Stearic acid and mineral oil were used as additives and maleated . Increased mechanical properties of the composites due to improved.

Effects of stearic acid on the interface and performance of .

Dec 17, 2008 . The chemical reaction between SDP and stearic acid was . PP/MSDP composites showed more uniform powder dispersion in PP matrix,.

A review of recent developments in natural fibre composites and .

The adhesion between polylactic acid (PLA) and the hemp, flax and cotton was .. parameters such as temperature and pressure; additives such as stearic acid ... with for example reductions of strength for wood/PP composites after 238 days,.

Effect of stearic acid and epoxy silane on the structure and flame .

Mar 20, 2012 . Two kinds of surface treatments were used in this research, including stearic acid and epoxy silane. The composites were analyzed by.


For example, stearic acid and its metallic salts are used to . the bonding of air-formed wood fiber-polypropylene composites using MAPP as a coupling agent.

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Commercial stearic acid is made by separation and hydrogenation of fats and is usually a mixture of stearic acid (C-18) and palmitic acid (C-16). It is solid at.

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Erucic acid amide used as a higher temperature slip agent. . additive for polyethylene and polypropylene based wood-plastic composites. . A high purity, non-wettable, calcium stearate powder manufactured with high quality stearic acid.

A novel method for manufacturing of wood flour/PP composites with .

mechanical properties of wood flour/polypropylene composites. The results showed .. For parts of work, PP, untreated wood flour, fire retardant, stearic acid and.

Modification of Brazilian Natural Fibers from Banana's Tree to . - aidic

HDPE composites and natural fibers were treated with two interfacial agents - stearic acid (AS) . banana's fibers treated with stearic acid and lauric (compatibilizer agents). .. from wood and one-year crops in polypropylene composites and its.

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Wood fi- bres are composite sheath of several layers; the primary,. S1, S2, and S3, of which the S2 is .. promote a better interface; acetylation and stearic acid.

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The idea of using cellulose fibers as reinforcement in composite materials is not a . These include wood fibers, such as steam-exploded fibers, and a variety of ... Another approach involves the use of dispersion aids, such as stearic acid,.

Treated Tropical Wood Sawdust-Polypropylene Polymer Composite .

Sep 27, 2011 . properties of sawdust-PP composites were investigated at various loading level from . ing of wood flour with stearic acid and the treatment of.

Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 1 (3) : 278-283, 2006

Polypropylene/Broom Fiber Spartium Junceum Composites. Nekkaa, S., F. Chebira . stearic acid on the mechanical and rheological (melt flow index) properties of polymeric composites based on ... wood type for wood fibre-pp composites.

Preparation and Properties of α-Cellulose Short Fiber-Reinforced .

Mar 26, 2013 . . of α-Cellulose Short Fiber-Reinforced Poly(lactic Acid) Composites . α-cellulose was subjected to surface modification using stearic acid to.

Wood Fiber Derived From scrap Pallets Used In Polypropylene .

properties of polypropylene (PP) composites combined with either wood flour or wood fiber. Wood . The addition of stearic acid to these composites to increase.