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Deck Guide – Standard Jeskai Aggro - Landing

19 Feb 2015 . After coming back from PT Fate Reforged all I wanted was to take a small break. There was a European GP in Seville, which would normally be.

MTG - The Jeskai Way To Build A $100 Standard Deck For Magic .

11 Oct 2014 . Deck lists can be found here: /articles/100-standard-deck-jeskai-with-cunning-substitutions Music Courtesy Of:.


11 Oct 2014 . A Jeskai deck in Khans of Tarkir draft is very flexible. . in that it offers some interesting "build-around-me" cards that other clans can't match.

Deck Tech: Give in to the Dark Jeskai | MAGIC: THE GATHERING

18 Oct 2015 . . of the world's greatest players to contend against, building steam for a run . "After Pro Tour [Magic Origins] the Jeskai decks really broke out.

Jeskai Tempo /Delver/Prowess ("The Jeskai Way" ) - Deck Creation .

The Jeskai Tempo deck is made to win the Jeskai Way. .. can build a community that can bring this deck to the forefront of the Modern meta.

Esper Dragons in Innistrad (Standard MTG Deck) - Tapped Out

Updated Apr 28, 2016 by Gorgosaurusrex using our MTG Deck Builder. Esper Dragons! Card Choices: [[Dragonlord Ojutai]] is the main win condition.

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I am a budget player who wants to build jeskai control. Leave any card . Hm. Are you wanting to build a casual deck, or competitive? If you're.

Daily Dose of Amonkhet – Standard Deck Tech - Jeskai .

26 Apr 2017 . The Daily Dose brings you another Standard Deck Tech as today Joey . the card base provides many choices on how to build a Control deck.

Building Blue Control Decks in Unified Modern -

30 Mar 2017 . Building Blue Control Decks in Unified Modern. In preparing for . The viable blue control archetypes are Blue-White, Jeskai, Grixis, and Esper

[Modern] What is the "correct" way to build Jeskai Control for an .

Here we will be talking about how this combo helps Jeskai control. With this win condition it takes approximately 7-9 slots in the main deck,.

Instant Deck Tech: Jeskai Jeskai Ascendancy (Modern) - MTGGoldfish

19 Dec 2016 . In the past, Jeskai Ascendancy decks have been four or even five colors, but today's build is much more focused, cutting down to just three.

Modern Jeskai Control - Average Build, Videos & Event Finishes .

Jeskai Control . Build Avg: 2.8x .. The full list is the aggregated max number of cards to build and playtest all recent versions of this deck (excluding basics).

Richmond Recap and Your Guide to Jeskai Saheeli | MTG Card .

3 Feb 2017 . The Star City Tour had solidified BG Aggro, Jeskai Saheeli, and 4 . This left me in very good position to build my deck with those decks in mind.

Modern Deck Breakdown: Jeskai Control – MTG Pro Tutor

I think that pure control is one of the most fun and rewarding decks that you can . of the different decks that Modern has to offer, I was playing Jeskai Control (better ... 225: Craig Wescoe Reveals Deck Building Secrets, Explores Strategies for. - Your Guide To Jeskai Nahiri

12 Aug 2016 . Jeskai Control is the best deck in Modern. . the long-standing truths about Modern is how hard it is to build a proper control deck in the format.

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8 May 2015 . If you tell me that you're running a "Jeskai" control deck, I will have some . and control, but how does one go about building a control deck?

A Beginner's Guide To Pauper (Including Deck Lists) - Common .

21 Dec 2015 . If somehow my Jeskai deck just isn't value-heavy enough for you, try this . it has great game plans against Burn and Mono-Black, those decks.

The Complete Guide to the CopyCat Combo by Seth Manfield .

18 Jan 2017 . There will be control decks that control the game and then use the . to start out with a Jeskai Control build reminiscent of Splinter Twin decks.

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13 Oct 2016 . My best friend Daniel @Tierentu fell in love with the idea of Jeskai black . but more limited in card base and more affordable to build decks in.

Deck Tech: Jeskai Ascendancy Combo - NotACleverMan

11 Dec 2016 . Deck Tech: Jeskai Ascendancy Combo While most EDH deck . is constantly shifting as I build and disassemble my decks frequently, and.