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The Empire State Building is a 102-story skyscraper located on Fifth Avenue between West .. On April 25, 2013, a man fell from the 86th floor observation deck, presumed to .. Air conditioning operating costs on hot days were reduced and this saved ... On clear days, the building can be seen from much of the New York.

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Porch collapse or balcony collapse is a phenomenon typically associated with older . Overoccupancy can result from guests filling a porch at a party, from people seeking . mandated load of so many pounds per square foot or metre, and porches are . A related hazard is the collapse of decks built as outdoor extensions of.

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The square metre or square meter (American spelling) is the SI derived unit of area, with symbol m2 (33A1 in Unicode). It is the area of a square whose sides.

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Price per million BTU of oil and natural gas in the US, 1998-2015. Natural gas prices, as with other commodity prices, are mainly driven by supply and demand fundamentals. However, natural gas prices may also be linked to the price of crude oil .. The average of all of the individual daily markets in a given month is then.

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The Petronas Towers, also known as the Petronas Twin Towers are twin skyscrapers in Kuala . The halt in construction had cost US$700,000 per day and led to three .. the magnificent towers, they are composed of 55,000 square metres (590,000 sq ft) .. All main lifts are double-decker with the lower deck of the lift taking.

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Eureka Tower is a 297.3-metre (975 ft) skyscraper located in the Southbank precinct of . only one apartment per floor, each with an original price of A$7 million for the . The highest floors of the tower house an observation deck (level 88), . As far as can be ascertained this is the highest building with plants on and the.

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While the 747 had the lowest potential operating cost per seat, this could only be achieved when the aircraft was fully loaded; costs per seat increased rapidly as.

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Rogue waves are large, unexpected and suddenly appearing surface waves that can be .. This model assumes that waves vary in a regular way around the average .. The second wave hits the ship's deck before the first wave clears. ... of up to 5,650 kN/m2 or over 500 metric tonnes per square metre could occur.

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One World Trade Center is the main building of the rebuilt World Trade Center complex in .. Each floor of the tower had 40,000 square feet (3,700 m2) of available space. ... It is expected that the company will attract new tenants to occupy the . cost of One World Trade Center at about $3 billion, or $1,150 per square foot.

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Although this requires quite a bit of effort, it is much less expensive than outsourcing . The first is to take an 8 foot (2.4 meters) by 8 foot (2.4 meters) section of lawn out and . You can use the plan below to construct a hot tub deck in one afternoon. . Lay out a perfect 8 foot square at the location you plan to build the deck.

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The upper deck, while air-conditioned, costs extra, so you may end up sitting around . of taxis cruising about, although it's a challenge to get them to use their meters. . can be rented virtually anywhere on Ko Samui for between 120-700 baht per .. Funny Day Safari has a 48,000 square meter Elephant Camp,it is just a few.

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Feb 12, 2015 . "Project Deuce will cost $1.1 billion to $1.2 billion," added Timm. "And don't forget to add in annual operating costs -- on a yacht of this size, it will run the . and stretches across 275 square meters (275 square feet) -- including a private gym. The seven-deck superyacht also comes with two pools, numerous.

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How much does a cruise ship cost to build and how much is the per berth price. . $2 million to over 15 mill (depending on size and deck location) and a hearty.

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25 years experience; Pre-assembled, pre-trimmed teak decks, including margin . From our more than 100,000 square-foot (9,300m2) manufacturing plant in . decks each year - the equivalent of four to five 164' (50m) custom yachts per month. . yacht under construction, TDS products will reduce the overall cost and deck.

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The snakes live on the many migratory birds (enough to keep the snake . “Between one and five snakes per square meter” might not be so terrible if the . He is found some time later on the boat deck in a great pool of blood. . Golden lanceheads can legally be seen at the Butantã Institute in São Paulo if one asks politely.

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Your Owners Suite is placed on following decks: Main; Ocean . Super-spacious (43 square metres/ 463 square feet) elegant suite on the Sun Deck. Designed.

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Jan 9, 2015 . Punched-card equipment processed decks of cards, most machines tailored . They consumed millions of punched cards per year, which often cost more than the equipment . Large firms found that, despite their high costs, large-scale . proportional to the square of a computer's cost: twice the cost should.

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Sep 21, 2015 . The epic vessel boasts a staggering eight decks and its keel .. 'While she's been launched, the interior will take many more months to . Interiors typically cost at least £10,000 per square metre – and often much more.

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Use our handy cost calculating tools for a quick answer. COMING SOON . Finally, a Wiki all about building, brought to you by Buildaid. COMING SOON.

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Mar 16, 2010 . The bridge is a truss type, with the road deck carried on top of the trusses . The largest component measures 3 metres by 1.5 metres and is light . This softwood has an average density of 465 kg/m3 at 15 per cent moisture content. ... on assembly so that the end plates (Figure 7) are square when welded.