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How Do I Attach A Ledger Board To Concrete? - YouTube

11 Jun 2017 . Best way to attach a deck ledger board block foundation how poured concrete wall. Ledger board attachment to a solid concrete decks.

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1 Jun 2014 . In my state lag bolting the ledger board to the rim joists is now against .. I will make it 8 ft and add railing .. so I have to install a ledger to brick.

How Do I Attach A Ledger Board To Concrete? - YouTube

24 Jun 2017 . This article series how to attach a deck ledger board masonry wall. Ledger board . Attaching a ledger to concrete block gardenweb. Learn how.

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24 Jan 2013 . Explain use of multiple anchors and fasteners for masonry. . How would you attach a 2X8 ledger board to concrete block foundation of a house? . made with cement board and wood trim, I'll be hanging it on a masonry wall.

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10 Mar 2012 . How to Install the best concrete Wall Anchor easy ! .. for installing wooden stud 2x4 on block foundation wall and then cement board with tiles.

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30 Apr 2014 . Installing the deck leger right against the house, flashing it and re-siding over top of .. OR I have spaced the ledger board off the siding with 1 1/4" spacers cut from 2" PVC . Hi,what about a concrete wall,how to protect from water penetration ? .. Handi Block - Instant Foundation System - Duration: 8:50.

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13 Nov 2011 . /tools/ Howdy folks, The Amazon Affiliate program link above is your personal link to purchase any of the tools.

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31 Jul 2012 . Versatile decking, install close to perimeter of building, install joice structure, clear of building by 15mm to allow expansion of timber.

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10 Dec 2013 . Where and why to install a ledger board on a stucco wall - Duration: 8:46. Kirk Giordano plastering Inc. 16,774 views · 8:46. Flashing Deck.

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26 May 2015 . In the second episode of our new series, Jason Lake shows you how to properly attach a ledger board when building a deck. Jason is a.

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11 Jun 2017 . Cinder block fasteners concrete fastening systems. . How to attach a wood post concrete ledger board attachment solid buying guide . 31 2014 may have an upcoming project need piece of treated lumber poured slab wall.

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1 May 2014 . Want your new deck to last twice as long as others? Going crazy keeping your current deck stained? This video is part of my ebook Love Your.

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2 May 2014 . Decks at a brick veneer cavity wall are forbidden to be attached to or .. So you only need lag bolts going linear through the ledger board into.

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16 May 2011 . Needed to increase the upper level so we are filling in an old staircase.

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6 May 2010 . This is one method used to attach a deck to a brick house. At Your Deck Company we use 1/2" threaded rod for the ledger connection drilling.

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25 Jun 2007 . I was going to attach a ledger board for a wood deck to my concrete slab sun room. . but i'm only looking to build one 10 foot wall in my basement and I . to attach chunky wooden battens to a solid ceiling (i'm in a block of.

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21 Sep 2011 . The hex headed sleeve anchor is somtimes used for attaching an overhang to a block wall. Order on-line.

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How to build a block wall Lay the Blocks - YouTube. . How to Attach a Wooden Roof to a Cinder Block Building .. (Sunken fire pit) Cover fire pit with board. How To Build A Deck - Attaching the Ledger Board

Learn how to properly install a waterproof deck ledger board using flashing and fasteners. . Do not attach a ledger board to brick or stone veneer exteriors. . Now you can move the laser around to point at other places, and measure up . Make pencil marks at various points on the wall, and snap a chalk line between them.

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In order to add a deck to a home that has a masonry wall, you do need to first install a ledger board. The purpose of this installation is that it will keep the addition.