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10 eco-friendly substitutes for plastic is discussed in this article from HowStuffWorks. Learn about 10 eco-friendly substitutes for plastic.

35+ Alternatives to Plastic in Your Home - Sustainable Baby Steps

Learn over 35 alternatives to plastic, everything from toothbrushes to hard hats. . For the most part you're looking for things made from natural materials: glass,.

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4 Aug 2017 . Plastic is a major source of health and environmental problems and over 1 trillion plastic bags are thrown away each year! Try these healthier.

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1 Apr 2013 . Although plastic as we know it was introduced less than 100 years ago it has quickly become a staple in our everyday lives – from light.

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Here are five such sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to plastics that can . of PHM (polyhydroxybutyrate) which is produced by the natural fermentation of.

Award-winning biodegradable agar packaging could replace plastic .

16 Apr 2016 . agar, seaweed, lexus design award, biodegradable, natural materials, plastic alternatives,. Agar is traditionally used as a food thickening agent.

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Description: Wood is a versatile, natural material that has been on Earth for hundreds of millions of years. It has been used for thousands of years as both a.

7 Eco Friendly Alternatives To Plastic Wrap - Natural Living Ideas

14 Jun 2017 . Switching out your plastic wrap for a more environmentally-friendly option is a fairly easy change. Here are 7 great alternatives.

Natural Alternatives To Plastic | 1 Million Women

30 Apr 2016 . This is a guest article from the 1 Million Women community, written by Katie Liew. There are approximately 1,585 plastic bottles of water.

Biodegradable and compostable alternatives to conventional plastics

The former are mostly biodegradable by nature and produced from natural origins . polymers to be more widely used as alternatives to conventional plastics.

Scientists create EDIBLE alternative to plastic water bottles | Science .

13 Apr 2017 . SCIENTISTS have developed edible alternatives to bottled water in a move which . The sack is created from natural sources and is completely.

New biodegradable materials could replace plastic bags .

2 Oct 2015 . New biodegradable materials could replace plastic bags . energy, to one that enables us to maximise the limited natural resources available.

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15 May 2016 . Plastic Bags are harmful to the environment. Choose from these alternatives -

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22 Apr 2015 . Can we stop using plastics in the future? . the reverse journey toward materials of natural origin does not seem to be a universal solution.

Entrepreneur takes on plastic packaging - Telegraph

8 Jul 2014 . Banana leaves have long been used across India as a natural alternative to food packaging. The leaves are cheap to buy, waterproof, hygenic.

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Check out this list of plastic-free and less plastic alternatives and see for yourself. .. In my area, I buy Straus milk, which is available in natural grocery stores.

New Seaweed-Based Material Could Replace Plastic Packaging .

9 Mar 2016 . Plastic is ubiquitous in packaging for food, toys, and every type of product in between. And even with significant recycling efforts, plastic.

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Learn about three satisfying alternatives to plastic wrap and, if you're ready, take . Another natural perk: beeswax and jojoba oil have antibacterial qualities that.

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Bee's Wrap Replace plastic wrap with our unique bee's wax wrap. Strong and reusable, the natural cotton fabric is infused with beeswax and, when molded.

Researchers develop biodegradable substitutes for wood, plastic .

17 Mar 2009 . The best turned out to be natural hemp fibers fused with a biodegradable plastic resin called polyhydroxy-butyrate (PHB). "It's quite attractive.